Saturday, November 24, 2007

What started as Mariel's solo punishment later turned out to be the problem that caused a fall out inside the famous yellow. This afternoon in Uber, Big Brother talked to the remaining eight celebrity housemates and revealed the truth behind yesterday's "little-person play" task. For walking on their knees the whole day, the housemates at first thought that they were just taking part in Mariel's punishment. But now, they were filled with joy upon learning that because of their sacrifice, they will all be able to give a new pair of shoes to 800 fortunate kids.

Mariel and the rest of the housemates were all overwhelmed with fulfillment because of the said sacrifice, but Kuya clarified that it was just half the whole reward. For them to give the new pair of sneakers to 800 kids, they must tie all the laces to all the shoes in the living room. They were only given an hour to match all the laces and the shoes. Given the limited time, the housemates rushed to the living room to start the second part of the sacrifice. Will they be able to finish the job?

Also, we had a glimpse on what really pushed the buttons of Ethel and Mcoy, prompting them early this morning to leave Kuya's house with heavy hearts. Apparently, Ethel failed to bear the painful caluses on her knees only to take part in Mariel's punishment. Ethel confronted Big Brother and told him that she have had enough of the senseless task. "Ayoko na. Sorry. Sa Diyos lang ako lumuluhod." as Ethel said before she decided to leave. Meanwhile, Mcoy was offended when Kuya made him swear that the script he wrote for their short-film weekly task was original and not a copy or adaptation of "The Ghost of August" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But how did a simple question of plagiarism became a big issue of respect?

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