Friday, November 23, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother housemates stand-up comedienne Ethel Booba and musician Mcoy voluntarily exited the PBB house early morning of Thursday. It is unknown whether this would permanently end their stint in the second season of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity edition, or if they would be given a chance to return.

Mcoy felt offended by a comment from Kuya (the Tagalog word for “Big Brother”) about a 15-minute film shot by the housemates. The short film was one of the tasks given to them by Kuya. Kuya mentioned that the film’s script, which was written by Mcoy, was similar to “The Ghost of August Mayford” (a story about the ghost of a policeman killed in Alton town in the United States).Mcoy got offended, saying that he was traumatized before by a plagiarism issue levelled against him and his (former) band Orange and Lemons.That plagiarism accusation involved, interestingly, the song “Pinoy Ako” which is Pinoy Big Brother’s official theme.Mcoy calmed down when Kuya told him no insult was intended. Kuya said the film’s concept was acceptable, but Mcoy and the housemates could have done better. Kuya said that a more Filipino concept would have been more appropriate.

Adding fuel to Mcoy’s anger was PBB’s “Ultimate Pasaway,” Ethel Booba. She expressed confusion over everything that was happening to them. Already upset,Booba reiterated her “Praning Theory” (paranoid theory) regarding Mariel’s true status; she asked whether Mariel was just a guest or a genuine housemate like them.

Afterwards, Kuya told Ethel that, just like how it is inside his house, everything has it’s own time and reason. Kuya had his reasons for not awarding Ethel the phone call she won in the Catapult game. In the end, Kuya wished for the success of the Mcoy and Ethel and he hopes that he had been an instrument for them to become stronger and mature persons.


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