Thursday, November 15, 2007

What could have been Ethel and Will's violation for them to be thrown together in such an amusing punishment? The True Lover was just talking to Mariel about what's in store for the rest of the violators this week when Big Brother suddenly called him for a one-on-one talk. Then after a few minutes, he came out carrying a colorful playpen with him! Curious to what's going to happen next, the housemates gathered around Will as he waited for further instructions. Laughing herself Silly, Mariel exclaimed that it looks like he would be taking care of a puppy. But it turns out that Baby Poshy is Ethel in a Dalmatian-style infant outfit.

With Kuya's signal, he carried the Ultimate Pasaway to her crib while theit! others helped him hang her musical toy. When it fell on her, Ethel pretended to cry like a baby. As it happens, she is forced to act the part for she speaks barely inaudible words. She's even wearing an adult diaper to complete her charming role. And the coolest part of it is she gets an instant mom and dad through Will and Riza! Though apparently, the True Lover alone is responsible for taking care of her needs. And Baby Poshy surely thrives on his attention!

As such, everyone was teasing her that she may sleep beside the True Lover later tonight. But amidst the heckling, it was Ruben's practical joke that made Big Brother concerned. Since Will introduced the Komedyanteng Promdi as Baby Poshy's other sibling, Ruben felt compelled to start terrorizing her little sister. Then Big Brother's voice suddenly boomed, Housemates, baka ma-traumatize ang bata. After which he told them to transfer the playpen near the Christmas tree to keep her entertained.

As for now, Baby Posh finally stopped making various demands towards her gorgeous Daddy. Eventually, will Ethel grab this chance to seek sweet favors from Will just to get even with his recent date with another woman?

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