Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ethel2 Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Ethel Booba said she will wait for Celebrity Edition 2 housemate Will Devaughn once he leaves the PBB House.

This developed as Boob admitted inside the house that she has a special feeling for Devaughn. The sexy comedian said she is now free for Devaughn since she already broke up with boyfriend Janvier Daly.

In an interview over ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz,” Booba admitted that even before she decided to join the reality-based show, her relationship with Daly was already in trouble.

Booba she said that she is now happy and has no regrets after voluntarily giving up the chance be the PBB Celebrity Edition 2’s grand winner.She explained that the reason behind her decision was the physical tasks that were becoming too much for her.

Booba said that she has no regrets about leaving even though she was a strong contender as one of the top three winners. Booba made a voluntary exit from the PBB House together with musician and former Orange and Lemons vocalist Mcoy Fundales.

Fundales’s decision to leave was sparked by a discussion with Big Brother that brought up old issues of plagiarism levelled at him a few years back. The musician said that he’s still traumatized by those accusations and felt offended that they would once again be brought up during his stay inside.

The plagiarism charge involved the song “Pinoy Ako” that Fundales wrote and sang with his former band. The song is official theme of PBB.


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