Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tonight we have glimpsed the drama behind Ethel's impulsive decision to leave the big yellow house hours before their concert. As it happens, Big Brother warned them about the violations they have committed, zeroing in on the fact that they should look presentable at all times as part of their obligation to the viewing public. Hearing this immediately sparked Ethel's temper.

Back to the girls bedroom, Mariel and Gaby were shocked to see her packing her things. Furious, she told them that she plans to show Kuya how 'pasaway' she can be by jumping over the wall to escape the house. She was seething on how she's a part of a reality show which refrained her from being who she really is. Mariel got worried and tried to make her see things, but Ethel was already deaf to all logic by then.

As such, she quickly talked to Big Brother about this sudden dilemma. Well aware of his rules on evictions,Mariel stated that it's impossible for Ethel to go out without any valid reason. Big Brother agreed and asked her to make sure that the Pasaway Actress would avoid hurting herself or anyone else. As an added safety measure, he also warned Mcoy about Ethel's razor which she was holding at that time. And it was the True Lover who was elected to calm her down.

The Ultimate Pasaway was preparing to slash her wrist when Will suddenly came out. Acting as if he was just checking on her, the latter tried to keep their conversation on safe ground. After a while, Donnie and Mcoy joined them. The Musikerong Daddy reasoned that her ploy to make the people hate her by breaking the rules won't work because they simply like rebels particularly her to-hell-with-everyone attitude, which only proves that she's not a pretender.

In the end, they were able to persuade her to thresh things out with Kuya. Will even grabbed the threatening razor from her before they went inside the house. After she had her lunch, everyone accompanied her to the confession room. However, Kuya insisted that he wanted to hear her reasons for leaving with her alone. As soon as the others left, Ethel asserted that she was mad at him for embarrassing her when he threw her violations to her face and for treating her like a petulant child in the process.

On his part, Kuya claimed that it wasn't his intention to hurt her. But being the adult who's looked upon by most of the housemates, she has to be a role model to them, just like when it comes to her family. As Kuya touched a "sensitive chord", the Ultimate Pasaway spilled the root of her stubbornness. Being their family' breadwinner at an early age made her tough. And having the roles reversed (being reprimanded for instance) simply brings back her pain and burdens as an acting-parent in their family.

As such, she ended up apologizing to him instead for her reckless actions. She even claimed that she feels ashamed and grateful to the master of the house at the same time for tolerating her moods. Then after that heart-to-heart talk, she happily shared to everyone that she's not going anymore. (Sigh) That certainly kept us at the edge of our seats Meantime, what is this thing, this sacrifice that Ethel's willing to do just to save Ruben? Is she making a voluntary exit to cancel the eviction process this week?


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