Thursday, November 22, 2007

Apparently, the former Orange and Lemons lead singer felt insulted when the issue of plagiarism was raised involving the script which the celebrity housemates are filming for their weekly task. As it is, Big Brother merely wanted to clarify if Mcoy was willing to be held liable if there will be a copyright complaint against it after it's premiere on national television.

However, his anger was further incited by his sensitivity towards the issue of plagiarism, given what he had experienced before with his former band Orange and Lemons involving the song "Pinoy Ako". This led to his refusal to wear his lapel mic followed much later by his abrupt departure together with Ethel. The Ultimate Pasaway, on the other hand, expressed her disdain over Mariel's sacrifice which later one involved her and the other housemates. She was angry at Big Brother's failure to reveal the reason behind the housemates' most recent sacrifice as well as her worries on Mariel's status inside the house.

PBB Business Unit Head Direk Lauren Dyogi expressed his sadness on the sudden turn of events. "Mcoy and Ethel were two of the stronger contenders for the Big Four. Yun lang nakakalungkot. I would have wanted to see how they'll play it until the end. Pero siguro hanggang dun lang talaga ang plano nila," the director shared.

And now, the PBB staff are already looking for new housemates who will fill the positions of the Mcoy, Ethel and even Mariel, who's scheduled to exit this Saturday night.

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