Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Poshy's having a difficult time with all the baby talk as well as her cramped condition inside the crib. Good thing she had her "parents" to look after her well-being. However, it became clear that she preferred Daddy Will more than Riza who happens to be a mere step-mom according to her. The Desirable Diva even shared this to Big Brother since she's uncertain how to implement discipline on her "child" if the latter's rejecting her affections. Then the True Lover came to his conclusion that perhaps Baby Poshy has a crush on her daddy!

Big Brother merely warned them though about their young one's unexpected behavior like being able to stand by herself while singing. By this time, Ruben even quipped, "Baby ka ba or G.R.O.?" Despite all these hilarious antics, Ethel later revealed in the confession room how depressing her situation is, knowing that she has been desperate to have a baby ever since. And Yayo's sacrifice for her daughter further rubs her inability to do so, she tearfully uttered. Moreover, she disliked being a burden to both Will and Riza, who lost their chance to get to know each other more because the Ultimate Pasaway was with them during their movie date.


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