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Big Brother has chosen Ethel Booba (whose real surname is Gabison) and Ruben Gonzaga to deliver the wacky and the not so wacky news in Pinoy Big Balita. Prior to choosing the two, Big Brother held an audition to all the housemates and had them one by one deliver a news from the outside world.

The housemates were shocked about the news article regarding the Glorietta blast and they are all clueless if it’s true or not. Jon Avila got worried because her mom likes to shop in the malls. However, Big Brother did not reveal that the news regarding the Glorietta blast was true.

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For their Kris Kringle, the assigned babies are Yayo for Mariel, Jon for Ethel, Will for Gaby, Mariel for Will, Jon for Ethel, Gaby for Ruben, Riza for Yayo, Ethel for Baron and Ruben for Jon. All of them try their best not to get caught whenever they are pulling off their good deed for the day. Inspired by this dilemma, Mariel began to confuse the housemates by prepping hilarious surprises for the guys. Baron happened to be there when she thought of her crazy idea so he later clued his roommates in about this. What's more, he convinced them to pull of the same stunt to the girls. Unbeknownst to them, Big Brother divulged their secret plan to the girls while the latter were in the confession room! Pandemonium broke soon after that as the boys got caught in the act.

That same day, Ethel celebrated her actual birthday in an annoyed state after seeing Will kiss Riza goodnight the night before. Her jealousy seemed to be real enough for she was confessing her irritation towards Riza to Big Brother himself. Unlike her, the Canadian beauty queen didn't have to beg Will to show her his sweet side. As it was, she confronted the couple for destroying what should have been her very special day. But the German hunk evaded her pleas for a kiss despite her persistence.

Tonight, we also witnessed how Big Brother asked Ethel to surprise her housemates by cooking a delicious dinner for them. To keep a mysterious effect, Ethel refused to disclose her plans when she started to set up a table for two. As such, everyone thought that she's either having an ex-boyfriend as a visitor or she would be dining with Will. And Big Brother was also puzzled by it. But when she was finally dressed, she revealed that the romantic treat was for them after all, and the extra plate was meant for Kuya even if he couldn't join them. Hence, he simply relayed his wish for her, "Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang respeto na nakuha mo sa loob ng aking bahay," because in truth, there's really more to her than meets the eye.

But the question is, will she wage war against Riza in her own crafty way for trying to steal Will away from her?

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Extending help to certain charities has become a tradition for Ethel whenever she celebrates her birthday. Being PBB's in-house resident didn't hinder her from accomplishing this selfless feat as Big Bother honored her with a benefit concert for the Cribs Foundation last night. But before that, she met with several representatives of the said institution in the activity area to give them their gifts something which also marks her yearly custom. She was even surprised when she saw that the kids she has been serving in the past are now grown ups.

After their private get-together, Big Brother asked her to rehearse her song numbers in the Eviction Hall. Will heard the commotion and inquired as to who may be performing. At first, his housemates refused to reveal the singer's identity but when he finally learned that it was Ethel, he was surprised that his naughty suitor can also be a real diva!

Dressed in her spectacular costumes, Ethel took the stage by storm with her beautiful singing voice. In her opening number, she spotted her loved ones and friends in the crowd without missing a beat. Later, she even dedicated "Love Will Lead You Back" to her ex-boyfriend, whose name she didn't mention anymore upon seeing her mother frown at her. The latter's disapproval towards her choice of partners was offset though by the fact that Ethel also devoted a special piece just for her.

Back inside the famous yellow house, the guys surprised the Ultimate Pasaway with a cotillion dance, which Baron spearheaded. Knowing Ethel's weakness for hunks, they left their torso bare and simply wore their fitted maong pants for a "dishy" impact. Of course, she was charmed by the True Lover the most for he had his rose on his teeth and he let her bite it away from him! More than that, she was also touched by his birthday wish that says, "Your personality shines through the stars and I know one of these days you'll find someone who'll actually suit you". Her kilig feelings dimmed however when she later caught Will kiss Riza goodnight while she had to beg him many times before just to be treated that way.

But will Ethel persistence eventually bring down the True Lover's guard against her advances?

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Last night the Ultimate Pasaway ( Ethel Booba) took her task to discover the true Riza up another notch when she started courting Will openly in front of the Desirable Diva ( Riza). During a midnight snack last night, Kuya suddenly played the song “I Finally Found Someone” and the words ‘This is it!’ pushed Ethel to bring out her Christmas present for Will. She gave him a dog tag necklace similar to the one she is wearing. “This is Janvier’s before!” Will joked. Ethel tried to kiss Will but the True Lover emphasized that ‘This is not it!’Ethel felt Will’s hesitation to “make patol” was due to the fact that Riza was standing in the corner quietly drinking her coffee. She told Riza to go to sleep and everyone laughed at Ethel’s crazy antics.

However, this was not the end of Ethel’s “pangungulit” when Will suddenly found her lying on his bed. Will felt very helpless and he stomped over to the girls’s bedroom to ask Mariel to ‘get her friend.’ Mariel though placed the bunch of roses from the Oblation Run in Ethel’s hands to make the atmosphere more romantic. The other housemates were laughing so hard, there were tears in their eyes. Riza, then made an appearance in the boys’s bedroom, pretending to carry Ethel off as a drastic measure.

With Ethel’s provoking, will Riza really come out of her shell this time? Also where will Ethel’s courting of the True Lover lead to? This triangle is yet to be solved, so stick around for you surely don’t want to miss the answer to this equation!

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Prior to her entrance, Ethel had a short interview with Uber host Bianca Gonzales. The Ultimate Pasaway said that she is coming back into the house as an act of gratitude towards Kuya and the housemates. Ethel is not bothered though that now she is just a houseguest. More than the competition and the prize, Ethel looks forward to being with the housemates this Holiday season. Also, Ethel confessed that she misses Will and Ruben so much. Ever since before, the singer-comedienne had been vocal about her crush for the True Lover and her fun friendship with the Komedyanteng Promdi. Ethel joked that she is now ready to win Will away from Riza. Also, Ethel is returning to begin her journey of self discovery, of giving joy to the housemates, of helping three chosen families from the outside world, and to assist Big Brother in finding out who truly deserves to be this season's Celebrity Big Winner.

Bianca handed Ethel her French maid outfit, and two hunk slaves named Jan and Vier carried the Ultimate Pasaway into the confession room where Big Brother gave her her first assignment as the Posh Chambermaid of the famous yellow house. Kuya then wished his "prodigal boarder" good luck and signaled her entrance to the house. As Ethel set foot in the kitchen, all the celebrity housemates screamed with excitement upon knowing that their friend is back. Will was even the first one to give the new houseguest a warm hug.

What can we expect with Ethel's return inside Kuya's house? Will she succeed in her mission or will she still end up as the "Ultimate Pasaway?"


Three weeks in the outside world made Ethel long for her colorful life in the big yellow house. Though she refused to dwell on her bitter parting with her ex-boyfriend, this obviously spurred her on to continue her PBB stint although as a mere guest this time. The housemates were certainly giddy with excitement upon seeing their beloved ex-housemate with two hunk alalays in tow. The Ultimate Pasaway was bursting with stories to share but of course she refrained from giving them too much clues about the hottest happenings in Tinseltown.

Ruben noticed a big change in her disposition now despite not being privy with the closure of her recent flame. As it was, she smilingly revealed that she will not only spend the holidays with them but she will be staying until the last day of the show's season. To celebrate her homecoming, the housemates even decided to open their bottle of wine amidst their thrilled chitchats. Once in a while, Ethel lets it slip how she had learned interesting bits about Gaby. However, the two opted to discuss it later in private. What's clear is the fact that Ethel kept on admiring Gaby's blooming beauty these days.

Her significant missions though temporarily took a backseat as she began her pursuit of the True Lover. Like her statements in an interview on TV Patrol, she is deadest to win Will's affection before Christmas. Perhaps, this is the reason why she kept on asking the housemates if Will and Riza is now an official couple. Later, she cornered Will to fish for the real score between them. And sadly for the Will-Riza fans, the True Lover admitted that he truly like the Desirable Diva but the difference of their personalities is holding him back. "Mahirap magrelate with her. Iba ang mundo niya. We don't have much in common, he stated. Ethel seemed to be encouraged by this and Will's admission that he's happy to have her back.

Their conversation was cut short though by Big Brother's request to talk to all his residents except for Mariel and Ethel. As if on cue, Will got the hint that the exclusion of the two confirmed his belief that the Ultimate Pasaway is also a houseguest. But Ethel simply led them on to nothing in particular. With their return came Will's task of shaving Ruben's head. Whether it is a sacrifice or just a crazy scheme remains to be seen.

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A week outside the yellow house left Mariel longing for her fellow housemates, who had a very fun week with their anime and good will tasks. This evening, Kuya asked Mariel if she wanted to go back and stay with the HMs and the pretty host said yes. With Big Brother off to an official business next week, he puts Mariel in-charge of the whole household as the Big Sister. Mariel gladly accepted the task, which will begin tomorrow. How would the HMs react to her presence again plus additional authority from Kuya?

In the other hand, Donnie was the fifth evictee. Will walked away with 39.42% of the votes. Jon took in 33.15% while Donnie ended up with 27.43%. Like the HMs before him Donnie left his footprints at the Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Toni also broke the news of Gaby wanting to make a voluntary exit after finishing her punishment for damaging her lapel mic in the pool. Gaby explained that during her first exit, she really wanted to stay for she felt that there were a lot of things yet for her to experience. But after her ‘come back’, she suddenly just felt that she has already experienced everything there is inside. Big Brother though gave her time to re-think her decision. He in turn will also analyze the situation and give her a final answer soon.

Kuya actually has not only this to think about but another former HM’s request just recently. The Ultimate Pasaway has come knocking on his door one more and is asking for a second chance. “OK na ako, OK na ang puso ko,” was Ethel’s opening statement to Kuya. She also told him that a lot of things definitely changed for her outside his house besides her love life. “Paglabas ko wala na akong kaibigan…Nakita nila ang totoong Ethel, kaya lumayo sila…Iba na ang trato ng tao sa akin noong lumabas ako kasi may respeto. I thank you for that. Pati family ko nakilala ako.” Ethel gratefully told Big Brother. She then expressed her reasons for wanting to return to his abode and finish the entire season. “Gusto ko sila samahan hanggang matapos ‘to, pwede ba tayong magtulungan?”