Saturday, November 24, 2007

PBBCE2_mcoy1123.jpgSeeing housemates leave the big yellow house is always a tearful moment, how much more when they go with such heavy emotions against Big Brother? However, we now see how Mcoy and Ethel have felt it in their hearts that the time for them to go was looming way before the fiery incident which led to their sudden exit.

Ever since, the Ultimate Pasaway was having doubts to be a housemate because she's burdened by her rocky relationship with his boyfriend. And not being given her much-awaited reward from the Catapult game made her more resolute to leave, thinking that she can still fix things with the love of her life. But sadly, Big Brother can't grant the phone call because that person simply doesn't want to be reached.

PBBCE2_ethel1123.jpgOn the other hand, the Musikerong Daddy also conveyed to Big Brother his plans not to finish the season for the sake of the more deserving contenders for the Big Four. One particular one-on-one talk further showed how he felt that his purpose inside was completed already. He even stressed this while he was packing his bags last Wednesday night.

It all then ended bitterly with Mcoy and Ethel making their departure as soon as the garden gates were opened for them. The impact of their absence made everyone miserable, knowing how those two served as their tower of strength day by day. Yayo for instance was confused, stating that having their buttons pushed to the very limit was simply the rule of the game.

They would certainly miss their favorite housemates but life went on as usual the next day. Seeing that the Mom in Distress still favored the painful knee contraptions, the others eventually followed suit, encouraged by her optimism that at least they would get busy with it for the rest of the day.

PBBCE2_baron1123.jpgBaron's adventures with his newfound friend "Buttons" was also featured tonight! Being in the secret room alone was certainly lonesome so Big Brother generously gave him a stuffed toy as company! True to his nature though, the Wild Child requested for a cigarette but his plea remained unanswered for he couldn't give a valid reason to gain such luxury.

Wondering what Big Brother's fabulous welcome surprise to him was? Be sure to catch up all the excitement in the house as well as the showing of their successful indie film tomorrow. How will the celebrity housemates feel when they learn that Mariel is leaving them soon?

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