Friday, November 23, 2007

In spite of what happened, Kuya is still proud of Ethel and Mcoy for showing and sharing their true selves to the public. Kuya apologized to Mcoy for whatever misunderstanding they had. He advised the Musikerong Daddy to let go of all the anger and hatred in his heart.

Afterwards, Kuya told Ethel that, just like how it is inside his house, everything has it's own time and reason. Kuya had his reasons for not awarding Ethel the phone call she won in the Catapult game. In the end, Kuya wished for the success of the Mcoy and Ethel and he hopes that he had been an instrument for them to become stronger and mature persons.

Later, Mcoy accepted Big Brother's apology and cleared that although he was hurt, he never hated Kuya. Just like in every Filipino family, there will always be misunderstandings and arguments. But the important thing is that the relationship is founded on trust. He also said that he truly loves Big Brother, despite being just a voice without a face. On the other hand, Ethel thanked Kuya for always encouraging her and giving her the chance to prove to everyone her worth as a person. The Ultimate Pasaway cleared that she had been planning to leave, but when the incident with Mcoy happened, she took the opportunity to make a voluntary exit. As a housemate, Ethel learned the value of discipline and humility in accepting one's mistakes. She also admitted that up to now, she hasn't spoken to her boyfriend and that, for some personal reasons, she doesn't want to speak to him again.

Also, Mcoy and Ethel witnessed the other housemates enjoy their victory in their short-film weekly task. Despite the challenges and problems, the housemates remained determined in accomplishing the task. For this, the housemates did not only win their 75% bet, but Big Brother also handed them a 100% raise for their budget next week, a total of P9,000.

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