Saturday, December 8, 2007

A week outside the yellow house left Mariel longing for her fellow housemates, who had a very fun week with their anime and good will tasks. This evening, Kuya asked Mariel if she wanted to go back and stay with the HMs and the pretty host said yes. With Big Brother off to an official business next week, he puts Mariel in-charge of the whole household as the Big Sister. Mariel gladly accepted the task, which will begin tomorrow. How would the HMs react to her presence again plus additional authority from Kuya?

In the other hand, Donnie was the fifth evictee. Will walked away with 39.42% of the votes. Jon took in 33.15% while Donnie ended up with 27.43%. Like the HMs before him Donnie left his footprints at the Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Toni also broke the news of Gaby wanting to make a voluntary exit after finishing her punishment for damaging her lapel mic in the pool. Gaby explained that during her first exit, she really wanted to stay for she felt that there were a lot of things yet for her to experience. But after her ‘come back’, she suddenly just felt that she has already experienced everything there is inside. Big Brother though gave her time to re-think her decision. He in turn will also analyze the situation and give her a final answer soon.

Kuya actually has not only this to think about but another former HM’s request just recently. The Ultimate Pasaway has come knocking on his door one more and is asking for a second chance. “OK na ako, OK na ang puso ko,” was Ethel’s opening statement to Kuya. She also told him that a lot of things definitely changed for her outside his house besides her love life. “Paglabas ko wala na akong kaibigan…Nakita nila ang totoong Ethel, kaya lumayo sila…Iba na ang trato ng tao sa akin noong lumabas ako kasi may respeto. I thank you for that. Pati family ko nakilala ako.” Ethel gratefully told Big Brother. She then expressed her reasons for wanting to return to his abode and finish the entire season. “Gusto ko sila samahan hanggang matapos ‘to, pwede ba tayong magtulungan?”


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