Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Three weeks in the outside world made Ethel long for her colorful life in the big yellow house. Though she refused to dwell on her bitter parting with her ex-boyfriend, this obviously spurred her on to continue her PBB stint although as a mere guest this time. The housemates were certainly giddy with excitement upon seeing their beloved ex-housemate with two hunk alalays in tow. The Ultimate Pasaway was bursting with stories to share but of course she refrained from giving them too much clues about the hottest happenings in Tinseltown.

Ruben noticed a big change in her disposition now despite not being privy with the closure of her recent flame. As it was, she smilingly revealed that she will not only spend the holidays with them but she will be staying until the last day of the show's season. To celebrate her homecoming, the housemates even decided to open their bottle of wine amidst their thrilled chitchats. Once in a while, Ethel lets it slip how she had learned interesting bits about Gaby. However, the two opted to discuss it later in private. What's clear is the fact that Ethel kept on admiring Gaby's blooming beauty these days.

Her significant missions though temporarily took a backseat as she began her pursuit of the True Lover. Like her statements in an interview on TV Patrol, she is deadest to win Will's affection before Christmas. Perhaps, this is the reason why she kept on asking the housemates if Will and Riza is now an official couple. Later, she cornered Will to fish for the real score between them. And sadly for the Will-Riza fans, the True Lover admitted that he truly like the Desirable Diva but the difference of their personalities is holding him back. "Mahirap magrelate with her. Iba ang mundo niya. We don't have much in common, he stated. Ethel seemed to be encouraged by this and Will's admission that he's happy to have her back.

Their conversation was cut short though by Big Brother's request to talk to all his residents except for Mariel and Ethel. As if on cue, Will got the hint that the exclusion of the two confirmed his belief that the Ultimate Pasaway is also a houseguest. But Ethel simply led them on to nothing in particular. With their return came Will's task of shaving Ruben's head. Whether it is a sacrifice or just a crazy scheme remains to be seen.


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