Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prior to her entrance, Ethel had a short interview with Uber host Bianca Gonzales. The Ultimate Pasaway said that she is coming back into the house as an act of gratitude towards Kuya and the housemates. Ethel is not bothered though that now she is just a houseguest. More than the competition and the prize, Ethel looks forward to being with the housemates this Holiday season. Also, Ethel confessed that she misses Will and Ruben so much. Ever since before, the singer-comedienne had been vocal about her crush for the True Lover and her fun friendship with the Komedyanteng Promdi. Ethel joked that she is now ready to win Will away from Riza. Also, Ethel is returning to begin her journey of self discovery, of giving joy to the housemates, of helping three chosen families from the outside world, and to assist Big Brother in finding out who truly deserves to be this season's Celebrity Big Winner.

Bianca handed Ethel her French maid outfit, and two hunk slaves named Jan and Vier carried the Ultimate Pasaway into the confession room where Big Brother gave her her first assignment as the Posh Chambermaid of the famous yellow house. Kuya then wished his "prodigal boarder" good luck and signaled her entrance to the house. As Ethel set foot in the kitchen, all the celebrity housemates screamed with excitement upon knowing that their friend is back. Will was even the first one to give the new houseguest a warm hug.

What can we expect with Ethel's return inside Kuya's house? Will she succeed in her mission or will she still end up as the "Ultimate Pasaway?"


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