Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever since her red-carpet welcome as the 13th celebrity housemate, Ethel looked like she was having a blast bonding with the other celebrities. That's why it comes as a shock that behind the loud laughter and hilarious jokes, Ethel was not happy about some things. While taking a break from their tiring Shadow Play rehearsal, Ethel confessed to Mariel that something's bothering her. The Ultimate Pasaway opened her heart out to the BB Spy about the difficult tasks and unfair punishments that are almost driving her nuts. She confidently told Mariel that she finds some of Big Brother's rules irrational and unfair. She believed that some tasks have no use but to play on the housemates' minds and feelings. Ethel mentioned the punishment that Donald got because of Baron's laziness. Ethel thought that Kuya should have punished Baron because it was his fault in the first place. She also brought up the issue about her punishment because of her "whisper" violation. Ethel said that when she was punished, she felt like swearing for she felt she didn't violate any rule. However, Ethel chose to let the issue pass by. But what Ethel failed to realize was that, with her lapel and the cameras around, her confession was for everyone to hear. Kuya immediately called Ethel into the confession room.


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